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Are your students required to purchase tools for your classes?

At Essex Stained Glass we like to give the students an opportunity to try a variety of top quality tools during our class. No kits are required, we provide tools for class use. After a student has tried the different tools, they can make educated choices of the tools that are right for them.

How are stained glass window panels made?

At Essex Stained Glass, we construct stained glass panels using the copper foil method as developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany. A design is hand drawn on paper at full production scale. Various art glasses, chosen in consultation with the client are cut according to the design pattern and ground to a precise fit. Copper foil is applied to the edges of the individual glass pieces. They are then laid out on the design pattern and hand soldered. The finished piece is framed in either zinc, brass or copper and the soldered seams are darkened to a black colour by applying a patina.

How do I start my stained glass art fabrication?

The first thing you must do when choosing custom stained glass is determine the needs that are to be met–ie privacy, light diffusion, focal point. Essex Stained Glass will help to select the subject or theme, style, specifications and then draw your custom design. We are exceptionally versatile and work in all styles. As we work along with you, we will refine the design until it suits you perfectly. By inviting your active participation in the design phase, your stained glass artwork will absolutely, unconditionally be guaranteed to please!

How do you quote a price for a finished piece?

At Essex Stained Glass, we like to make this part of ordering custom stained glass easy. Many of our customers commented to us that they would like to be able to plan and budget for their dream custom order. As cost is always an issue, we have made it easy. We charge a flat rate of $120.00 per square foot, any colour and any design.

What is dichroic art glass?

The word dichroic means two colours. It appears to change colour when viewed from different angles becuase it will both reflect and transmit light. Dichroic glass was developed by NASA in the 1960’s for high-tech applications but has since been used by many glass artists. A complex coating process creates the unique colour. It is carried out in a vacuum chamber and uses many very thin layers of heavy metals that are laser-vaporized and fused onto heated sheets of clear glass. Dichroic glass is used primarily in high quality, fused glass jewelry.

What is etched glass?

Etching is simply a way of scratching, abrading, or impressing a hard surface to form some sort of image on that surface. Etching is usually accomplished on glass with the use of acid. Sandblasting is the etching of glass using an abrasive material that is accelerated and slammed against the surface. The force required to slam the particles is generated by an air compressor. Sandcarved glass is taking the sandblasting process to an art form by allowing the artist to render the image in three dimensions. This is a time consuming and costlier product to produce.

What is stained glass?

Stained glass is made from silica sand with additions of lime, soda, and various metal oxides to produce the rainbow of colours. The glass ranges from transparent to opaque with a variety of surface textures. The type of glass chosen for a stained glass artwork will depend on the anticipated natural or artificial lighting, the type of design and the type of application.

Why should I want stained glass?

It is a universally acknowledged fact, which we all know from our own experience, that beautiful things brighten our lives, raise our spirits, inspire us and even make us physically healthier! Stained glass art brings unfading beauty into your home and office and transforms the atmosphere. It simply makes life better, everyday. Unlike other art forms, stained glass art radiates the vitality and energy of light. Stained glass art increases in value as an appreciating heirloom. At Essex Stained Glass, you can commission custom artworks to perfectly suit your tastes in design, colours, and textures — exclusively for you. Express yourself.