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Essex Stained Glass offers one-day stained glass workshops!

Are you and your friends interested in learning how to create beautiful stained glass art? Are you looking to meet other people and take up a new hobby? Or are you already a stained glass artist and you are looking for a local glass art studio to create in? Regardless of your reason, Essex stained glass studio is the place for you!

We provide workshops so you can learn a new glass technique, use new tools or for you to just enhance your glass art skills.

We offer an array of stained glass art workshops so that you can come back regularly and learn to create an assortment of glass items. Essex stained glass studio will supply all materials and tools necessary to complete your unique stained glass project.

Visit Essex Stained Glass studio’s Workshops and get started today on learning how to create:

  • Mosaics – glass garden decor
  • Glass jewellery, jewellery boxes
  • Fused glass clocks, bowls, tiles, trays
  • Stained glass garden decorations
  • Stained glass lamps and lighting fixtures
  • One-of-a-kind stained glass gifts, candle boxes and picture frames
  • Stained glass vases, bowls, serving trays, coasters

Contact us today for more information or view our upcoming glass workshops from our online workshop calendar.

Essex Stained Glass offers private parties and stained glass studio rental!

Are you tired of the same boring work or birthday party?

Are you or someone you know looking for a unique way to celebrate a special occasion or just to gather with friends in an artistic way?

Give Essex Stained Glass a call and let us arrange for you to have our stained glass studio for a private party and transform yourself into a stained glass artist for the day.

Call us to arrange your private stained glass party